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Sustainable IT

Did you know school information technology tends to have just a three year shelf life? Whether it's due to the completion of a manufacturer's warranty or the many bumps, scratches and breakages you'd expect in the classroom, countless PCs or laptops end up damaged or missing parts, remaining unused.

Eventually, many schools dispose of PCs via local recycling centres or landfill sites. In fact, did you know that due to the level of toxic chemicals found within computer equipment, it is now illegal not to recycle computer equipment?

Sustainable IT encourages primary schools to make environmentally considerate choices when replacing its information technology.

Through securing partnerships with some of the biggest information technology providers in Europe, Sustainable IT provides primary schools with the opportunity to purchase competitively priced fully sustainable information technology.

In addition, Sustainable IT eradicates all the common problems primary schools tend to have when purchasing information technology, including insurance, maintenance, 24 hour helpline support and a 'repair or replace' service. For more information on the benefits available, please view our Added Value Services & Benefits section in the menu.

As a result of these partnerships, primary schools will be able to actively select sustainable information technology over more carbon emitting products whilst receiving greater customer service and insurance at no additional cost.

All fully sustainable information technology products available through the Sustainable IT initiative will feature on The Life Channel's brand new Online Store, which is due to launch shortly. In the meantime, for more information on the products and services available, please Contact us for more information.