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The Schools TV network

The Schools TV network provides schools, colleges and universities throughout the UK with their own age-appropriate health, wellbeing and community television channel. The School TV network can be used to enhance in-school communication, celebrate pupil achievement and positively influence student behaviour.

Underpinned in the UK by the Department of Health, the Department of Children and Schools and Families, the schools TV network programme is designed to follow The Children's Plan and Every Child Matters frameworks. The schools digital network provides interactive capabilities for venue-specific programming; providing teaching staff, pupils, students and local authorities with a medium to broadcast their own content and effectively create their own bespoke in-school digital TV channel.

The Schools TV System

The Schools Network

Schools Digital signage and progression

The Schools TV network can be used for digital video signage and much more. Digital video signage is a method of communication where still images are repeated on a loop to produce a continuous stream of media. Our Schools TV network offers video capabilities as well as digital signage. Our extensive Schools video library offers a wide choice of video content for the Schools TV network and we are continuously creating new content to benefit the Schools System and hence the pupils that see the screens each day.

The Life Channel Schools TV network is useful in broadcasting pupil work. Pupils are encouraged to film their own content and then upload it onto the Life Channel system in their school where they can take pride in their creation by watching it play over their own school TV channel.

One of the advantages of the digital signage capabilities of the Life Channel Schools TV network is the ability to use the system to deliver "just in time" messages to parents and the local community. By allowing teachers to upload messages onto the system, we enable them to make sure that parents receive the latest news from the school rather than relying on newsletters that sometimes stay in the bottom of school bags for weeks.

We believe that our combination of digital signage and motion picture capabilities offer a complete package that can be used by a school to educate and engage their pupils. The Life Channel School TV network is at the cutting edge of digital out of home television and has proven to be a success in schools throughout the country.