The Life Channel: Communities

Uniting Communities

Internal Communication

The Life Channel system utilises the latest technology to provide our prisons, IRCs and Probation Centres with their own customized TV network based on a mixture of core content, content acquired from other organizations and agencies and internally produced content.

All content is uploaded onto a central server and then inserted into the appropriate channel playlist using the content manager software.

Programme items can be scheduled to play at particular times on specific screens for an agreed period of time.

With access to a wide range of programmes tackling a wide variety of issues available online, customers can select specific items which they believe will engage offenders.

The network allows customers to broadcast instant messaging using the ticker tape, a scrolling line of text along the bottom of the screen issuing alerts or key messages throughout the day

The system also allows each screen to be personalised with graphic welcome sequences, information messages and any other relevant communications

Programming can be provided with subtitles and voiceovers in a range of languages

Screen Positioning

Screens are positioned in key dwell areas designed to ensure the greatest level of access for offenders and staff.

Screens are also placed within Visitors Centres to help improve communication with families, partners, carers and friends of offenders.

All screens come with screen protectors

Internal Video Examples

The following films are examples of the types of Templates developed on behalf of local authorities, prisons and probation centres for the Justice network.