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The Justice Network has now been installed in over 20 prisons and is broadcasting into key dwell areas such as reception, education and health care.

We have developed separate channels for visitors centres and for staff locations and are increasingly being asked to stream our channel through 'in-cell' TV networks, particularly into first night suites and specialist units.

The network has a probation channel which been customised for 7 Probation Trusts and is currently broadcasting into 45 probation offices. London Probation Trust has recently joined the network.

A specific model is now being developed for Immigration Removal Centres using Dover IRC as our pathfinder and working in partnership with the UK Border Agency.

Content is produced and broadcast in short, two or three minute programmes which are both interesting and effective in motivating offenders to address their offending behavior.

Programmes will be followed by brief 'story boards' which operate as calls to action and promote services available both within the prison and upon release. The network will also broadcast content produced for the prison service and other government departments by other production companies, subject to appropriate licenses being acquired.

All content relates to one or more of the seven pathways of the National Reducing Reoffending Strategy.

It is possible to broadcast different content to different screen locations at the same time.

Customers will also be able to access a large archive of programme content already developed for prisons and probation trusts directly through our secure web portal.

In addition, we provide customers with training and the facility to produce,edit and upload their own content created by staff and offenders. This material can also be shown on a specific screen or on all screens across the network site.

The network allows instant messaging through our ticker tape, a scrolling line of text along the bottom of the screen which issues alerts or key messages throughout the day and night.

Programming can be provided with subtitles and voiceovers in a range of languages.

Featured videos

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    Depression can make you feel like you're going nowhere slowly. Help is available, talk to someone.

    00:47 minutes

  • Animated Minds - Fish on a hook

    As part of the Animated Minds series, a person who is scared to leave his house explains his feelings.

    02:59 minutes

  • Families on Trial - A sister's story

    As part of the Families on Trial series, a young girl details her experiences of how her family changed when her brother was put in prison

    03:55 minutes

  • Volunteer Films - Pops

    A woman tells of her experiences of when her partner was taken to prison and the support and volunteer services 'Pops' who helped her to cope

    04:42 minutes

  • Blue Sky - George

    How to apply for a job with Blue Sky - a company that only employes ex-offenders

    01:30 minutes