The Life Channel

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Terms and conditions

Life Channel Ltd. and the Surgery hereby agree as follows:

  1. In consideration of the Surgery hereby granting The Life Channel the right to install The Life Channel System at the Surgery. The Life Channel shall as soon as possible after the signing of this Agreement install The Life Channel System at the Surgery free of charge to the Surgery. The Life Channel System normally consists of a television or screen, a remote player unit, a satellite dish/ADSL line, and various cables connecting these component parts. In the event that the equipment needs to be relocated, a charge will be incurred by the Surgery. A de-installation charge/early termination fee will also be incurred should the kit need to be removed before the end of the agreement.

  2. The Surgery shall allow Life Channel Group to broadcast The Life Channel during the Surgery's opening hours (as set out above) and the Surgery agrees to keep The Life Channel switched on at all times during the Surgery's opening hours. There shall be no charge for The Life Channel to the Surgery for the broadcast of The Life Channel and in return the Surgery agrees to provide The Life Channel exclusivity for digital signage/TV based systems.

  3. The Surgery may request that The Life Channel removes The Life Channel System from the Surgery by giving The Life Channel their required notice period from their agreement. Notwithstanding this, the Surgery agrees that it shall allow The Life Channel System to remain at the Surgery (and The Life Channel to be broadcast thereon) for the full length of any and all paid-for advertising campaigns being broadcast on The Life Channel at the time that the Surgery gives the aforementioned notice to The Life Channel.

  4. On completion of the primary term of the agreement, and provided that the Surgery has provided The Life Channel with the agreed notice period, The Life Channel will remove The Life Channel System and ensure that the Surgery is left with no physical damage including but not limited to decoration and the filling of walls and ceiling holes.

  5. If the Surgery feels that any content broadcast on The Life Channel is, in its reasonable opinion, unsuitable then it may request that the content ceases to be broadcast at the Surgery.

  6. In some instances, the surgery may be required to obtain a PRS licence.

  7. The surgery is responsible for maintaining proper insurance cover over The Life Channel System (Media player, screens and connected equipment) for the period that the equipment remains installed at the surgery to cover damage or theft of the equipment by the surgery or a third party.

If you have any queries, please contact 0845 833 3373.