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The Life Channel at BETT 2009

The Life Channel at BETT 2009

27 Jan 2009

This month, The Life Channel showcased its in-school TV channel's most exciting and innovative features at British Education and Training Technology (BETT), the world's largest educational technology event, 14-17th January 2009.

The Life Channel's presence at the event attracted interest from a broad range of education professionals, including: head teachers and their senior management teams, local education authorities and representatives from the British Council. The interest of the latter two was driven by the scope for forging further global partnerships through The Life Channel's unique platform. The pilot initiative, linking St Thomas Moore Secondary School in North London with Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College in South Africa, will launch next month.

Education professionals can download any programmes from The Life Channel website's unique online portal to be shown on interactive whiteboards. Helping teachers and students to become more ICT-competent, the network also allows schools to upload their own information and content onto the screens to be shown in-between The Life Channel's programming.

Underpinned in the UK by the DoH, DCSF, and with programmes designed to follow The Children's Plan and ECM, The Life Channel's innovative network gives schools and colleges the unique opportunity to communicate key messages of health and well-being directly to students, teachers and parents.

Much of the content is produced in-house in response to teacher feedback and is also supplemented by appropriate third party programmes, including the COI. Content includes eating well; having an active, fun-filled life; respecting oneself and others - with significant emphasis on bullying and peer mentoring; avoiding drink and substance misuse; helping others and inspiring aims through achievement. The Department of Health and the Food Standards Agency support The Life Channel's health and food safety programmes.