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The International Day of Human Space Flight

The International Day of Human Space Flight

12 Apr 2012

Today is the International Day of Human Space Flight. It is a day to celebrate the beginning of the space flight era for mankind and reminds us of the importance of space science and technology. The 12th of April was chosen as the Day of Human Space Flight to commemorate the first human space flight which was carried out by Soviet citizen Yuri Gagarin on the 12th of April 1961.

Gagarin's historic moment opened the way for space exploration for the benefit of mankind. The United Nations' General Assembly expressed its conviction of the common interest of mankind in furthering the exploration and use of outer space. Since Yuri Gagarin's venture into space 51 years ago, over 400 people have followed in his footsteps and today there are currently 6 people in space with all of them being at the International Space Station.