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The Life Channel launches the Sustainable Life initiative

The Life Channel launches the Sustainable Life initiative

12 Oct 2010

The Life Channel is pleased to announce the launch of Sustainable Life, an innovative new initiative seeking to raise awareness of the importance of environmental sustainability among primary school students.

Sustainable Life supports students to help them to understand the principles of living sustainably and encouraging positive action, thereby bringing about real changes and improvements in efforts to deliver sustainable schools.

The initiative delivers a series of lesson plans tailored to specific primary school year groups and is reinforced by carefully created, audience appropriate films and worksheets which tackle issues including climate change, the greenhouse effect, renewable energies and photosynthesis.

Having completed all lessons thereby gaining a greater grasp of the sustainable living, students are tasked with putting all they have learned into action, evaluating the impact their school's information technology has on the environment through The Life Channel's online Carbon Calculator. The Carbon Calculator outlines both the level of tonnes of carbon emissions produced alongside a monetary figure which the school would need to raise and contribute to carbon offsetting projects to ensure their school's information technology is fully sustainable (all Carbon Offsetting projects provided have been made available by Sustainable Life partner Carbon Footprint).

With a monetary figure established and offsetting project selected, students begin to organize their own fundraising activities, helping to generate funds to offset their school information technology's impact on the environment.

Through providing students with greater insight and a better understanding of environmental sustainability, Sustainable Life aims to shape and support the development of a more socially and environmentally aware future generation of decision makers.

The full Sustainable Life press release is available below, and if you would like more information, please Contact Us.