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The Life Channel has positive effect on schools, says study

The Life Channel has positive effect on schools, says study

12 Aug 2009

The Life Channel Schools network, an in-school television channel, has proven its capability to inform and communicate key issues to all stakeholders in a school's environment, says recent study.

The study, conducted in June 2009 by independent research consultancy ROI Team, found that 47 per cent of pupils who watched The Life Channel showed an improved knowledge of health and well-being issues and 25 per cent changed behaviour in a positive way.

Nine in ten primary and secondary pupils believe the network benefits their school.

The impact of programming on pupils was measured by three programmes addressing anti-bullying, healthy eating (five-a-day), and walking to school. Study results concluded that 85 per cent of pupils believed their behaviour was impacted due to the anti-bullying ad; 88 per cent for the healthy eating ad; and 91 per cent believed the walk to school ad impacted their behaviour, with nine in ten primary school pupils more likely to 'look, listen and think' before crossing the road, after seeing the campaign.

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