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Primary Care Trusts

The Life Channel's success has been gained through the establishment of strong relationships with Primary Care Trusts (PCT) throughout the UK. Working in close partnership with Directors of Public Health and Heads of Communications, The Life Channel provides an effective platform for Primary Care Trusts to deliver key campaigns and health messaging quickly and efficiently.

The Life Channel presently works with over 46 Primary Care Trusts across the UK and is in the process of meeting with senior PCT management teams to deliver high levels of communications within their surgeries. With their support we intend to feature within over half of all the UK's Primary Care Trusts by the end of 2010.

The network offers cost-effective patient engagement, ensuring greater impact on viewers than current alternative means such as leaflet merchandising or poster campaigns. With regularly updated, pertinent programming targeting health, wellbeing and community issues, The Life Channel's audience become receptive to health messages displayed, resulting in increased awareness and encouraging patients to discuss concerns with their GP.

If you would like to view several examples of the campaigns featured please see below and video testimonials of our supporters are available within the testimonial section in the left menu.