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Local Authorities & Community Agencies

The Life Channel is a fantastic opportunity for local authorities and community agencies to communicate vital information pertaining to the community in an engaging and visually stimulating manner.

In recent years, The Life Channel has worked with many types of local organisation to communicate targeted messages in local communities throughout the UK including District and County Councils, Emergency Services, Local Charities, Community Safety Partnerships, Local Strategic Partnerships, Children, Families and Learning Associations, Citizens Advice Bureaus, Family Information Services, Drug & Alcohol Awareness Teams and many others.

As a medium well-positioned to communicate with local audiences, The Life Channel can deliver local messaging and encourage action within the community, including through response mechanics driving patients to contact community agencies or simply by raise awareness of specific issues.

If you would like to view several examples of the campaigns featured please see below and video testimonials of our supporters are available within the testimonial section in the left menu.