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Video Testimonials

  • Testimonial: Chris Brown

    Chris Brown, a Media Planner with media agency MediaCom, details the reasoning behind their choice to use The Life Channel

    Keywords: Testimonial, SS00194, Chris, Brown

    00:19 minutes

  • Testimonial: Mick Foy

    Mick Foy of MHRA (Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) details his experience of working with The Life Channel

    Keywords: Testimonial, Mick, Foy, SS00196

    00:19 minutes

  • Testimonial: Jenny Hall

    Jenny Hall, Brand Manager at Macmillan Cancer Support, summarises their relationship with The Life Channel & highlights its impact in improving awareness

    Keywords: Testimonial, SS00195, Jenny, Hall

    00:31 minutes

  • Testimonial: James Brandon

    James Brandon, Head of Communications for the Food Standards Agency, reflects on his experiences of working with The Life Channel

    Keywords: Testimonial

    00:36 minutes

  • Testimonial: Lynn Plant

    Lynn Plant, National Choice Communication Lead for the Department of Health, explains their decision to use The Life Channel to communicate the Choice initiative

    Keywords: Testimonial

    00:50 minutes

  • Testimonial: Ashley Hicks

    Ashley Hicks, Category Director for Pharmacy at major grocer Tesco, discusses their reasons for using The Life Channel locally

    Keywords: SS00055, Ashley, Hicks, testimonial, testimonials, tesco, pharmacy,

    00:00 minutes