The Life Channel: Health

Uniting communities

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The Life Channel reaches many different groups within the community, yet two groups stand out: Housewives with children under the age of 16 years, and the Over 55's.

With such a variety of demographics watching the network, young and old and of many differing cultures, The Life Channel has developed a series of programme strands catering to the shared needs, issues and concerns, ensuring content is relevant and engaging. The themes of these programmes are:

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Positive Impact

The GP waiting room is a quiet, captive environment in which patients are receptive to health, wellbeing and community messaging whilst being mindful of their health and the health of friends and family.

The Life Channel has been recognised as having a positive impact on patients, with any individuals remarking that the network provides useful information, helps to relieve the anxiety of waiting to see a GP and keeps them entertained.

A summary of our Research studies highlighting The Life Channel's impact on audiences across the UK is available to download below.

Tailoring Communications

Broadcasting via satellite, The Life Channel can be site-specific, targeting patients with tailored communications.

The adoption of this facility has enabled organizations such as the Department of Health to tailor their campaigns to engage certain demographics. An example of this may be to target areas with a high propensity of ethnic minorities through dubbing programming in their language (with the inclusion of English subtitles).

The Life Channel strives to be as flexible as possible to ensure communication with desired audience groups.

For further information on the breakdown of our audiences and to discuss the ways in which The Life Channel can help achieve your communication objectives, please get in touch.