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The Life Channel is the UK's largest private in-practice television network, fully contracted to over 2,400 health venues, including GP Surgeries, Pharmacies, Dental Practices and Opticians, reaching a captive audience of over 14 million people each month.

Delivering practical information and advice through engaging health, wellbeing and community programming, The Life Channel is designed to encourage community cohesion and personal health management.

Working in close partnership with the Department of Health, the NHS and the Food Standards Agency, as well as with many of the UK's Primary Care Trusts, local authorities and community agencies, The Life Channel delivers a unique medium for our partners to directly engage audiences throughout the community.


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    Summer can be a miserable time for hayfever sufferers but it doesn't have to be.

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    A short film highlighting the role The Life Channel plays within GP Surgeries throughout the UK.

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    Chris Brown, a Media Planner with media agency MediaCom, details the reasoning behind their choice to use The Life Channel

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    Jenny Hall, Brand Manager at Macmillan Cancer Support, summarises their relationship with The Life Channel & highlights its impact in improving awareness

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    Mick Foy of MHRA (Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) details his experience of working with The Life Channel

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